Albergo Sustainable Shelters

Albergo Sustainable Shelters

For homeless and people in general who need a temporary housing, the Albergo Sustainable Shelters developed a Single-Family Housing Module that respects the environment, has thermo-acoustic comfort, durability and is easy to transport and store. Each unit with an internal area of 22.5m2 can accommodate a family of up to six people comfortably, with private bathroom and kitchen. The Albergo shelters utilize plates made of recycled tetra-pak which are treated and have thermal and acoustic insulation. The plates combined with articulated steel profiles bring mobility and versatility to the shelter. The combination of these materials with an innovative design allows four Albergo shelters,
when closed, to occupy the same space of just a 20ft ordinary container.



Created to adverse situations, the shelter provides privacy to its sheltered. In addition to its six beds, it has a kitchen with sink, a countertop, refrigerator, electric stove, a kit comprising basic and personal hygiene items, bottled water, pans, bathroom with hot shower, table and chairs for dining. Thus, the design of the shelter allows the accommodation of a family in each unit, which brings dignity and continuity of family routines shaken by the loss of their homes, avoiding thereby transferring to schools and/or public arenas and the direct and indistinct contact with strangers.


Installation and Utilization

The unique immediate-opening system allows the shelter to be ready to use in 30 minutes. That’s because it does not need to be mounted, but only opened using an articulated system that also expands its area by 50%. This dynamic installation type allows quick hosting, and may even waive the use of public water, sewer and energy, since they are provided with generators and storage tanks for water and waste.

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The Albergo shelters are coated by panels made of laminated packaging waste like polythene, cardboard and aluminum. They are often mixed with other types of plastic, paper or even toothpaste tubes, opening up huge possibilities in raw material utilization. These panels used both on the shelter walls and ceiling, take advantage of a large amount of waste, freeing nature and employing that waste in a good cause.


cAnother benefit of the shelters is its thermal and acoustic insulation. The recyclable walls and ceiling undergo a special treatment to protect their sheltered ones from the cold, as well as the heat. This insulation is also acoustic, providing a quiet and comfortable environment.

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All the shelter walls and ceilings, the recycled plates, receive a water-based rubber booting by texture, which guarantees a greater resistance to the product. Besides treating the walls and ceilings, steel structures are coated with zinc, increasing at around 10 years of corrosion protection. All these treatments guarantee a long life shelter.

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The shelter was designed and developed to be transported enclosed in a set of up to five units per truck. Adding up the total area of all units, every single truck can carry 110m2 total area, representing five families or 30 beds. If the truck is b-train there will be a doubled 220 m2 capacity for 10 families or 60 beds. If it is a bi-train the total capacity could reach 20 families or 440m2 and accommodation capacity for 120 homeless by freight.



To be available where and when needed, its storage system allows shelters to occupy less space when not in use. This unique foldable and swivel system allows stacking of up to ten units, optimizing the storage area to 15m2 per stack. Thus, a 2000m2 warehouse can store 100 stacks or a thousand units occupying 1500m2, considering other 500m2 for displacement and transit. It is noteworthy that its internal area, when opened, is 50% higher compared to the ordinary container and, when closed, occupies 75% less volume.


The Albergo Sustainable Shelter was designed to be a temporary housing solution that is environmentally friendly, easy to transport and store, providing comfort and privacy to their users.

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